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Men's Basketball - Wed, Mar. 5, 2008
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First Round Tuesday, March 4, 2008

(first-round bye 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Game 1: No. 9 Mid-Continent def No. 8 Lyon College 71-67
Game 2: No. 7 Freed-Hardeman def No. 10 Bethel College 91-72
Game 3: No. 6 Crichton College def No. 11 Blue Mountain  111-47

Quarter finals Thursday, March 6, 2008

Game 4: No. 1 Lambuth University def No. 9 Mid-Continent 93-86
Game 5: No. 2 Martin Methodist def No. 7 Freed-Hardeman 97-84
Game 6: No. 3 Trevecca Nazarene def No. 6 Crichton College 86-75
Game 7: No. 4 Cumberland University def No. 5 Union University 73-70

Semi finals Saturday, March 8, 2008

Game 8: No. 1 Lambuth University def No. 4 Cumberland University  88-65

Game 9: No. 3 Trevecca Nazarene def No. 2 Martin Methodist 87-75
Finals Tuesday, March 11, 2008 Championship Game

No. 1 Lambuth University def No. 3 Trevecca Nazarene 88-71

Lambuth University 2008 TranSouth Champions


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First Team

Glen Dandridge - Lambuth University

Kendaris Pelton - Martin Methodist

Zack Frey - Freed-Hardeman

Josh Helton - Trevecca Nazarene

Thomas Douglas - Cumberland University

Matt Neaville - Union University

Stanley Brownlee - Crichton College

Brian Lake - Union University

Trey Pearson - Lambuth University

Collins Onyando - Trevecca Nazarene

Second Team

Jeremy Weddle - Lambuth University

DeCorey Young - Cumberland University

Levi Taylor - Lyon College

Antoine Lesesene - Bethel College

Kevin Green - Martin Methodist

TranSouth All-Freshman Team

Corey Webster - Lambuth University

Roland Banhoro - Union University

Jesse Moulton - Freed-Hardeman

Jeremy Dixon - Trevecca Nazarene

Johnny Kuchar - Cumberland University


Player of the Year

Glen Dandridge - Lambuth University


Newcomer of the Year

Matt Neaville - Union University

Kendaris Pelton - Martin Methodist


Freshman of the Year

Corey Webster - Lambuth University


Coach of the Year

Kevin Burton - Lambuth University



Bethel College

Clint Blackburn, Hrovje Devcic, Daniel Doyle, Derek Demaree, Brian French, Otakar Schober


Blue Mountain College

Shayne Adams, Brad Pressley, Kenneth Whitis


Freed-Hardeman University

Zack Frey, Logan Greer, Wes Mayes, Michael McCutchen, Brian Pearson


Lambuth University

Michael Beasley, Youssoupha Sene, Nebajsa Dimic, A.J. Adams


Lyon College

Adam Hill, Matt Owens


Martin Methodist College

Chris Murdock, Carlton Peete


Mid-Continent University

Brett Jones, Brent Jones


Trevecca Nazarene University

Christopher Harris, Adam Drake, Marcos Salvi, Matthew Elliott


Union University

Matt Neaville, Brandon Lay
Recipients must be a sophomore, junior or senior academically and hold a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.


1. Lambuth University
2. Martin Methodist College
3. Trevecca Nazarene University
4. Cumberland University
5. Union University
6. Crichton College
7. Freed-Hardeman University
8. Lyon College
9. Mid-Continent
10. Bethel College
11. Blue Mountain
(CC wins tiebreaker w/FHU with win over MMC)


10 team single elimination tournament
Tournament Site: @ Higher Seed Game times 7 p.m. local time

Tie breaker: In the event of a tie, the following tiebreaker will be used for tournament seeding purposes.

a. Head to head within the TranSouth regular season

b. If the tie isn't broken by (a) the Record vs. # 1, 2, 3, etc. teams until tie is broken

c. If the tie is not broken by (a) or (b) then a coin flip will occur
NAIA National Tournament Berths:
Regular Season Champion gets first bid, Tournament Champion gets second bid.
If Regular Season and Tournament Champion are the same team the Tournament Runner-Up gets the second bid.