Aave’s share price reaches a new record high

The token price of the Aave decentralised finance platform (DeFi) reached its highest level to date.

The higher the total blocked value (TVL) in DeFi increases, the more value flows into its main platforms, including Aave.

Aave allows users to borrow and earn interest through deposits, but without a centralised regulator.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of media organisations based on transparency standards.

With the continued growth of decentralised finance (DeFi), some of its key applications, such as the Aave protocol, are seeing the price of their token rise considerably.

While the total blocked value (TVL) in DeFi is around 25 billion dollars, some of the main decentralised finance projects are recording record prices. Aave is one such project. It is an open source and custodial DeFi protocol, which allows its users to earn interest on deposits and borrowings of assets.

The soaring rise of Aave
Does this look like the setting of a traditional bank? It does. However, with Aave, the majority of fees and profits are paid to the platform’s users and its media. According to defipulse.com, an analysis and ranking platform, Aave is the second highest ranked application in terms of LCT (currently $3.63 billion).

The huge amount of value stored on the platform coincides with AAVE token prices, which have never been higher. The token has now exceeded $250. Meanwhile, the total market capitalisation of the network is approaching $3 billion. At its current market capitalization, Aave is the 15th largest blockchain network in the world.

The explosion of decentralized finance
This record level follows a 20% increase in the price in the last 24 hours. Such sudden rises seem to be commonplace in recent times in the decentralised finance industry. Investors are more enthusiastic than ever about the future of these new financial products. As a result, people are looking outside the more established tokens to try to generate interesting gains.

Many financial transactions are adapted to these decentralised platforms. These include loans, decentralised exchanges (DEX), decentralised derivatives and asset management. One of the most interesting aspects, however, lies in the platform used to develop most of these applications.

If we reference the main channels in terms of TVL on the Defipulse site, we can see that only one of the 63 main channels with its TVL does not work on Ethereum. In addition to Lightning Network, a Layer 2 scaling solution for the Bitcoin blockchain, the remaining 62 main channels are built on the Ethereum network.

This illustrates the incredible dominance of the DeFi industry through Ethereum, even though many smart contracting platforms (sometimes dubbed the „Ethereum killer“) are trying to compete with the network. With lending and storage platforms such as Aave reaching new heights on several parameters, we should see this trend continue in the future given current market conditions.

Bakkt crypto exchange wants to go public

The institutional stock exchange Bakkt wants to be listed on the stock exchange via detours.

The Intercontinental Exchange, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange and the institutional cryptocurrency exchange Bakkt, announced that their crypto branch could go public

As the Wall Street Journal reported , Bakkt will merge with VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings. The company is traded under the symbol VIH. VPC is a so-called „Special Purpose Acquisition Company“ or SPAC. In German this means something like „company for purposeful purchases“. It is a shell company whose sole purpose is to buy or merge with another company in order to be listed on the stock exchange. The aim is to avoid the lengthy and expensive process of an IPO.

Bakkt is expected to be valued at $ 2.1 billion after the merger

The exchange will also raise an additional $ 532 million to support the development of the Bakkt app. This is a retail-focused wallet and reward app.

A Bakkt spokesman told Cointelegraph that the merger is expected to complete in the second quarter of 2021. The combined company will be renamed Bakkt Holdings, Inc. and listed on the NYSE. The representative also said Bakkt was now focused on bringing the app to market in March.

There were rumors of the takeover back in January, as Cointelegraph reported. Bakkt has seen a surge in volume this year and multiple records in a row . Nonetheless, it has a much smaller crypto market presence than its rival CME.

Bitcoin Bull Run according to plan B

The Bitcoin bulls are on the trigger. On December 17, the No. 1 cryptocurrency broke the sound barrier for the first time at $ 23,000, thus continuing its journey to the moon. With the price gains, the bullish forecasts can no longer stop. The opinion ECHO.

In the days after Bitcoin Alltime Highs, Twitter is a fun place to be

You put I-told-you-so-sayings around your ears as if there was no tomorrow. Understandable, after all, it took a full three years for cryptocurrency No. 1 to reach the level at which it was trading at the end of 2017.

To be as prepared as possible for the upcoming Bull Run, it can be worth taking a look at past Crypto Genius. An old acquaintance has accordingly placed the profits from past bull markets above the price level. It is, you guessed it, PlanB.

PlanB is the originator of the stock-to-flow model. An over-bullish rate model that links Bitcoin rates to the scarcity of the good. With every halving, BTC becomes scarcer and leads to exorbitant price fluctuations in the medium term. The question that worries the Bitcoin community, however, is whether the returns, i.e. the price gains, decrease with each halving compared to the previous cycle. While BTC made up around 10,000 percent from November 2012 to July 2016, it was “only” 2,000 percent in the second Halving epoch.

However, if BTC were to rise to the value of USD 288,000 predicted by PlanB by the end of 2021, this would mean a price gain of around 2,800 percent of the base value USD 10,000. But that does not go well with the narrative of falling returns.

Nevertheless, PlanB sticks to its price prediction and writes on Twitter that one could say goodbye to the idea that the cycles will be longer and less profitable:

R.I.P. „lengthening cycles“ and „diminishing returns“.

Guggenheim Partner: Bitcoin’s fair value is $ 400,000

Guggenheim Partners‘ continued bullish behavior also caused a stir. The asset manager recently announced that he wanted to invest 10 percent of the $ 5.3 billion Macro Opportunities Fund in BTC. In part, that has already happened. The accumulation has started since BTC was at $ 10,000.

Now Scott Minerd, chief strategist at Guggenheim, explains why Bitcoin is seen as a great opportunity. Internal analysis showed a fair value of a whopping $ 400,000 per bitcoin, Minerd told Bloomberg. We are “delighted” with the latest rally on the course.

Minerd, however, ties his daring price prediction of US $ 400,000 to Bitcoin’s similarity to gold.

Billionaire Mark Cuban atomizes Bitcoin: „More a religion than a solution“

Resistant to the Bitcoin Revolution – We are starting to get used to declarations of love for Bitcoin (BTC) from billionaires and big fund managers. However, some still continue to cling to their disgust for the king of cryptos: Mark Cuban is one of them and does not hold back for a second from saying it.

Bitcoin, too perfect to find favor in the eyes of Mark Cuban?

Although Mark Cuban was forced to pay the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) $ 6.1 million in fines for his late crypto-project Unikrn, this doesn’t seem to have taught him to be humble towards protocols that manage to survive, like Bitcoin.

In an interview with Forbes newspaper , the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks explains that his negative beliefs about Bitcoin have still not changed :

“ [Bitcoin] is a store of value like gold, but which is more of a religion than a solution to a problem (…) That said, unlike gold, due to the limited number of BTC that will be available and the HODLing philosophy, when demand exceeds supply, the price will increase (…) ”

Mark Cuban, almost visionary

The „negatives“ that will leave more wary of an observer. Granting safe haven status to Bitcoin, and saying that its value is bound to increase thanks to its limited quantity (to 21 million units and not one more): are these really things to blame?

Is accumulating BTC not a protection against crises?

Mark Cuban continues his strange analysis, but it is clear that even by following it to the end, we cannot understand the exact reproach which is made to Bitcoin:

“No matter how much BTC fans want to pretend it’s disaster scenario protection, it isn’t. Countries will take steps to protect their currencies and their ability to tax, so the more people believe it is something other than a store of value, the more they run the risk of government intervention ”

In short, Bitcoin would be so much better than fiat currencies, that governments should trample on the principle of free competition of currencies, and impose their trust currency, in which we have less and less confidence ?

Osta Bitcoin (BTC) alle 20 000 dollaria – Rich Dad Poor Dad Author

Robert Kiyosaki on huomauttanut, että alle 20 000 dollarin Bitcoinin ostaminen voi olla hyvä idea

Kiyosaki ennustaa Bitcoinin saavuttavan 50 000 dollaria pian
Hän selittää, että institutionaalinen raha ostaa BTC: tä markkinoilta
Yhdysvaltain talous on pulassa ja tulevaisuus on kultaa, hopeaa, bitcoinia ja yrittäjiä
Bitcoin on kieltäytynyt pudottamasta alle 17 000 dollaria ja on jälleen yli 19 000 dollaria

”Rich Dad Poor Dad” -kirjan kirjoittaja Robert Kiyosaki on Twitterin kautta ilmaissut olevansa iloinen ostaneensa Bitcoinin (BTC). Kiyosakin mukaan Bitcoin arvostetaan pian 50 000 dollariin institutionaalisen rahan tulon vuoksi.

Lisäksi Bitcoinin ostaminen alle 20 000 dollariin olisi todennäköisesti hyvä idea, kun otetaan huomioon, että Yhdysvaltain talous on vaikeuksissa. Kiyosaki huomautti myös, että kulta, hopea, Bitcoin Up ja yrittäjät ovat tulevaisuuden valoisat. Hänen tarkat kommenttinsa olivat seuraavat.

Onneksi ostin Bitcoinin. Seuraava pysäkki $ 50 k. Institutionaalisen rahan muuri on tulossa 2021. Osta alle 20 000 dollaria. Jos kaipaat Bitcoinia, osta hopeaa. Hopea lähti liikkeelle AOC: n Green New Dealin ansiosta. Amerikka vaikeuksissa. Tulevaisuuden kirkas kultainen hopea Bitcoin ja yrittäjät.

Bitcoin kieltäytyy putoamasta alle 17 000 dollarin, ottaa itsevarmasti takaisin 19 000 dollaria

Kirjoitushetkellä Bitcoin käy kauppaa 19 300 dollarilla vahvistettuaan kaksoispohjan 17 500 dollarin hinta-alueella perjantaina 11. joulukuuta. Siitä lähtien Bitcoin on lähentänyt useita vastustusvyöhykkeitä, mukaan lukien 18 000 dollaria, 18 300 dollaria, 18 500 dollaria, 18 800 dollaria, 19 000 dollaria ja 19 100 dollaria.

Kun viikoittainen sulkeminen on vain muutaman tunnin päässä, luottavainen Bitcoin voi sulkea viikon 19 000 dollarin hinta-alueen yläpuolella ensimmäistä kertaa historiansa aikana. Jos tämä saavutetaan, Bitcoin voi hyvinkin olla polulla kohti 19 500 dollarin, 19 800 dollarin ja jopa vuoden 2017 kaikkien aikojen korkeimman 20 000 dollarin arvon testaamista.

Onko 17. joulukuuta Bitcoinin Lucky Day jälleen?

Huomattakoon, että edellinen kaikkien aikojen korkein arvo asetettiin 17. joulukuuta 2017. Siksi on vaikea sivuuttaa, että 17. joulukuuta on vain 4 päivää, ja Bitcoin voisi hyvin toistaa historian lyömällä kaikkien aikojen korkeimman arvon samana päivänä. , mutta vasta kolme vuotta myöhemmin.

Crypto-harrastaja. Kauhea tanssija. Entinen DJ. Amatööri maratonilija. Sähköinsinööri. Kool kat.

Harmaasävyiset investoinnit ovat kertyneet 388 714 ETH 30 päivässä
Tämä vastaa 215,7 miljoonaa dollaria käyttämällä Ethereumin arvoa 555 dollaria
Harmaasävyn Ethereumin luottamus on nyt 1,61 miljardia dollaria Ethereumin omistuksessa
ETH2.0-panostus voi olla yksi syy kertymiseen
Panostus voi olla hyvä tapa hyödyntää kaikkea harmaasävyn hallussa olevaa Ethereumia

Bitcoin ei ole ainoa digitaalinen omaisuus Harmaasävyiset investoinnit ovat kasautuneet. Bybt.com-sivuston tietojen mukaan Wall Street -yhtiö on lisännyt 388 714 ETH: ta Ethereumin luottamukseensa viimeisten 30 päivän aikana. Tämän määrän Ethereumia on noin 215,7 miljoonaa dollaria käyttämällä vaihtokurssia 555 dollaria per ETH. Tämä tuo harmaasävyn hallussa olevan Ethereumin määrän 2,94 miljoonaan ETH: iin, jonka USD-arvo on 1,61 miljardia dollaria.

Alla on kuvakaappaus harmaasävyillä tällä hetkellä olevista digitaalisista varoista Bybt.com-sivuston kautta. Kertynyt Ethereum on korostettu punaisella.

ETH2.0-edistyminen voi olla syy kerääntymiselle

Harmaasävy, joka kerää 388 714 ETH: tä 30 päivässä, on selkeä osoitus siitä, että Wall Street -yritys harkitsee vakavasti myös muita digitaalisia resursseja Bitcoinin lisäksi. Numeeriselta kannalta harmaasävy Ethereum -luottamukseen lisättävän Ethereumin määrä on vaikuttava niin lyhyessä ajassa ja voi johtua ETH2.0: n edistymisestä. Jäljellä on vielä se, panostaako Harmaasävy Ethereumin hyödyntämään ETH2.0: n hyötyjä.
2,95 miljoonan ETH: n panostaminen voi olla hyvä tapa lisätä arvoa Harmaasävy-osakkeille

Jäljellä on vielä se, panostaako Harmaasävy Ethereumin hyödyntämään ETH2.0: n hyötyjä.

Mitä tulee ETH2.0: n panostukseen, Ethereumin sijoittajat lähettävät edelleen kolikoitaan panossopimukseen huolimatta siitä, että vähimmäisvaatimus saavutettiin 24. marraskuuta. CryptoQuantin tietojen mukaan talletussopimukseen on lähetetty eilen, 11. joulukuuta, yhteensä 1,411 miljoonaa ETH. Panostussopimuksen talletukset ovat myös olleet päivittäin vakioita seuraavan kaavion kautta, myös CryptoQuant.com -sivuston kautta.

Ethereumin sijoittajien tällainen vaikuttava talletusten ja sitoutumisen kasvu on positiivinen merkki ETH2.0-verkon tulevaisuudesta. Lisäksi se voisi tarjota harmaasävylle kannustimen sukeltaa ETH2.0-panokseen. Tällainen pyrkimys riippuu kuitenkin lukuisista tekijöistä, mukaan lukien SEC-hyväksyntä ja Ethereumin varojen turvallisuus.

Vil Bitcoin forblive stærk? Analytikere vejer ind

Bitcoin stiger for sent, efter at det for nylig er lykkedes at springe ud over $ 19.000-mærket for første gang i cirka tre år. Hvad der er endnu mere imponerende er, at bitcoin opholder sig der, og flere brancheeksperter vejer nu ind.

Bitcoin fortsætter med at stige, mener analytikere

For det meste synes stemningen at være bullish, hvor mange analytikere hævder, at bitcoin sandsynligvis vil bevare sit nuværende momentum i det kommende år. Valutaen lever højt af, at den amerikanske dollar og andre former for fiat falder fladt på deres ansigter takket være spredningen af coronavirus- pandemien, der har hærget de finansielle markeder siden midten af ​​marts.

Peter Smith – administrerende direktør og medstifter af kryptokurrencyudvekslingen Blockchain.com – mener, at bitcoin er kommet for at blive. Selvom det måske startede som et ”storslået eksperiment”, har det nu cementeret sig selv som et stort ”sikkert tilflugtssted” og et redskab til at afdække ens formue. Han er overbevist om, at valutaen vil vare, og at vedtagelsen snart vil nå nye højder.

Han kommenterede i et nylig interview:

Fra 2017 og fremefter bliver bitcoin uundgåelige. Sats på bitcoins uundgåelighed.

Paolo Ardoino – CTO ved krypto-udveksling Bitfinex – tilbød lignende ordforråd, idet han nævnte, at han mener, at intet potentielt kunne bringe bitcoin ned fra sit nuværende højdepunkt. Han siger:

Intet kynisme, vantro eller endda fantastisk tænkning kan skjule den overbevisende sag for bitcoin. Globale kapitalforvaltere vil fortsætte med at kalibrere deres porteføljer i overensstemmelse hermed.

Med andre ord vil flere og flere sandsynligvis tilføje bitcoin til deres porteføljer i de kommende år, da aktivet ikke længere kun bruges til spekulation.

Anthony Denier – administrerende direktør for handelsplatform Webull – siger, at flere mennesker begynder at vise mindre interesse for standardaktiver – dvs. guld, ædle metaller, aktier osv. – og lægger deres penge i krypto og bitcoin. Han nævner:

Hvis folk trækker penge ud af guld og lægger dem i bitcoin, kan det give mere brændstof til bitcoin-rallyet.

Simon Peters fra e-Toro-berømmelse kommenterede, at der er opstået mange tekniske tegn, der antyder, at bitcoin sandsynligvis bliver endnu stærkere og større i de kommende uger og måneder. Han siger:

Hvis vi opretholder den aktuelle stigning, er $ 25.000 inden starten af ​​2021 på kortene. Der vil være noget, der sælger til $ 20.000, og dette kan se en kort bevægelse bagud, men hvis bitcoin trækker sig fra dette salg og fortsætter med at stige, så er nytårsaften på $ 25.000 der for at tage.

Aktivet er blevet stabilt

Glen Goodman – forfatter til bogen „The Crypto Trader“ – hævder, at „tulipanmanien“ bag BTC nu er væk, og valutaen har virkelig forstærket sit ry som et almindeligt aktiv. Han siger:

Al snak om ‚tulipanemani‘ i 2017-bommen er fraværende nu. Når den historiske hollandske tulipanboble sprængte, kom den sig aldrig, mens bitcoin nu har vist, at den har reel opholdskraft.

China to Airdrop $3M Crypto Przed Chińskim Czarnym Piątkiem

Rząd miasta Suzhou w Chinach poszerzył swój proces kryptograficzny w ramach programu pilotażowego rządu federalnego dotyczącego yuana cyfrowego.

Key Takeaways

  • Suzhou odda 20 milionów yuanów o wartości 3 milionów dolarów w nowej, cyfrowej walucie banku centralnego.
  • Obywatele Suzhou otrzymają fundusze w drodze loterii w wysokości około 30 dolarów.
  • Obywatele mogą zarejestrować się na loterię pomiędzy 5 a 6 grudnia.

W Chinach, rząd Suzhou wydał post na blogu w dniu 4 grudnia ogłaszając 20 milionów yuanów w walucie cyfrowej o nazwie DC/EP.

Każdy z 10,7 mln mieszkańców miasta może zarejestrować się na zrzut pomiędzy 5 a 6 grudnia, a zwycięzcy otrzymają „czerwone paczki“ o wartości 200 juanów lub około 30 dolarów.

Ogłoszenie następuje kilka miesięcy po zrzucie 1,5 miliona dolarów w Shenzen, gdzie 50.000 mieszkańców otrzymało kryptonim do wydania w 3.000 różnych sklepów w całym mieście. Cyfrowy yuan pilot skupił się dotychczas na Chengdu, Suzhou, Shenzhen i Xiong’An.

Jednak rząd planuje z czasem rozbudować program pilotażowy.

WHO informuje, że wzrost znaczenia walut cyfrowych i innych bezdotykowych rozwiązań płatniczych w Chinach przyczynił się do ograniczenia trwającej pandemii COVID-19.

Chiński Czarny Piątek

Suzhou ogłosi zwycięzców loterii 11 grudnia, dzień przed wielkim wydarzeniem handlowym w Chinach, podobnym do Czarnego Piątku w USA.

Festiwal zakupów online Double 12 odbywa się raz w roku i przyniósł 38 miliardów dolarów sprzedaży dla samego Alibaba w ubiegłym roku, wszystko w ciągu 24 godzin.

W przeciwieństwie do większego wydarzenia Double 11 w listopadzie, Double 12 skupia się na mniejszych sprzedawcach e-commerce w Chinach. Suzhou prawdopodobnie ma na celu stymulowanie pewnej działalności gospodarczej w czasie zrzutu.

Zwycięzcy Airdrop mogą spędzić swoje cyfrowe yuan aż do 27 w obsługiwanych dostawców, w tym niektóre sklepy na głównej platformy e-commerce JD.com.

Niektórzy zwycięzcy zostaną również poproszeni o wypróbowanie swojej nowej funkcji płatności offline w kryptograficznych portfelach.

A madman launches a $35-million Ponzi scheme in crypto: his jet-ski escape will amaze you

A game of naval battle – We are, unfortunately, used to stories of pyramid scheme scams in the cryptosphere. However, we have to admit that the „exit scam“ of the present scam is as original as it is fantastic: the criminal tried to escape with… an underwater scooter!

A rather classic pyramid scam to start with

On 16 November, the Department of Justice (DOJ) of the Eastern District of California issued a press release on a new investment fraud case involving cryptomoney.

Matthew Piercey, a 44-year-old Californian, is accused of having carried out an investment fraud scheme from July 2015 to August 2020 that would have raised a total of approximately $35 million.

The scam went through Family Wealth Legacy and Zolla. They promised high returns thanks to their so-called investments in mining cryptomoney or in a trading fund with a super trading algorithm.

As always, in the Ponzi scheme, the crook and his accomplice (a certain Kenneth Winton) used some of the bitcoin revival from the last investors to make payments to the first investors to arrive.

An underwater escape attempt!

Where this sad story becomes original is during the arrest of Matthew Piercey by the forces of law and order.

After his indictment on November 12th, the individual tried to flee from the FBI agents who came to arrest him. To do so, he first provoked a chase by taking his vehicle to leave on the nearest motorway.

According to an article in the New York Times, Matthew Piercey ended up stopping at a lake and then plunged into the water in his street clothes. Using a Yamaha underwater scooter (the same model as below), he spent 25 minutes splashing around in (and under) the water, before being rescued by law enforcement.

The man faces no less than 31 charges, including wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and witness intimidation. The charges all carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

As for his colourful escape attempt, it will surely add to the charge against the accused. Further proof, if proof were needed, that it is better to be wary of the „super opportunities“ of investing in cryptos, if one does not want the story to end in a fishtail.

Dopo Kanye West e PewDiePie, il famoso Rapper Logic approva Bitcoin

Il bitcoin ha guadagnato molta attenzione ultimamente dopo il massiccio rally che lo ha spinto oltre il limite di $ 15.000 e ha scioccato molti. La risorsa è stata osservata da molte celebrità internazionali e sembra che il famoso rapper Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, popolarmente noto come Logic, sia l’ultimo ad approvare Bitcoin, con l’annuncio che arriva subito dopo che The News Spy ha fatto una mossa enorme ed era di tendenza su Twitter.

Con un tweet del 7 novembre, l’ormai in pensione rapper e creatore di contenuti i cui record sono in cima alle classifiche in molte occasioni ha notato che il suo manager Chris Zarou lo aveva convinto ad acquistare Bitcoin.

Sebbene i dettagli sull’investimento non siano stati rivelati, Logic ha menzionato nel suo tweet che si trattava di „un grande investimento in #bitcoin“

Logic ha oltre 2,3 milioni di follower su Twitter e la community sembrava entusiasta dell’ingresso del rapper nel mondo delle criptovalute. D’altra parte, alcuni erano preoccupati per il suo tempo di ingresso a causa della mossa di $ 1500 del giorno prima e una correzione ripida potrebbe far cambiare idea al rapper.

Tuttavia, questo è abbastanza improbabile perché il manager di Logic, Zarou, sembra essere un sostenitore di Bitcoin, poiché pochi giorni prima aveva twittato che era „irresponsabilmente lungo“ su Bitcoin.

Il termine irresponsabilmente lungo è stato formulato dal gestore di hedge fund e dal toro di Bitcoin Raoul Pal, che crede che Bitcoin potrebbe raggiungere $ 1.000.000 in questo ciclo di mercato a causa dell’interesse istituzionale.

Logic non è l’unico artista che scommette su Bitcoin poiché è sostenuto dal vincitore del Grammy e candidato alla presidenza Kanye West, che è andato in diretta sul popolare Joe Rogan Podcast il mese scorso e ha elogiato Bitcoin.

Nel frattempo, la sensazione di YouTube PewDiePie ha mostrato token non fungibili (NFT) e criptovalute ai suoi 107 milioni di abbonati all’inizio di questo mese, mentre promuoveva un gioco in stile Pokemon chiamato Wallem, dove sta anche vendendo la sua skin PewDiePie in-game come un NFT.

Il rally di Bitcoin non è alimentato dagli investitori al dettaglio

Nonostante più celebrità avallino criptovalute come Bitcoin, i dati di Google Trends rivelano che l’interesse per il termine „Bitcoin“ e altre ricerche correlate erano ancora ai minimi pluriennali.

Questo potrebbe essere un indizio che l’attuale rally è alimentato da attori istituzionali come Scala di grigi e altri gestori di fondi sulla base dei numeri riportati da queste istituzioni.

Anche l’app Cash di Square, fornitore di servizi di pagamento mobile, ha registrato un significativo aumento delle entrate del terzo trimestre, grazie a Bitcoin. Sulla base del suo rapporto finanziario alla US Securities and Exchange Commission, Bitcoin è diventato la principale fonte di entrate per Cash App.

Tutto sommato, Logic e altre celebrità che entrano nel mercato Bitcoin sono ancora una buona notizia per l’industria nel suo insieme quando si tratta di rendere popolare questa nuova asset class.

Hong Kongs Securities Watchdog kan snart reglera

Hong Kongs Securities Watchdog kan snart reglera alla Crypto-handelsplattformar

Hongkongs regering försöker ändra reglerna för kryptovalutahandelsföretag som driver eller erbjuder tjänster inom stadens jurisdiktion.

Ett nytt samrådspapper som Clara Chiu, licensdirektör vid Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), i ett huvudtal vid Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020 på tisdag kommer att Bitcoin Code föreslå att SFC ges en utvidgad tillsyn över alla „centraliserade virtuella plattformar för handel med tillgångar ”i Hong Kong.

Detta kommer att vara oavsett om de ger tillgång till tokens som anses vara värdepapper eller enbart kryptovalutor som bitcoin (BTC, + 0,53%).

Prenumerera på Blockchain Bites, vår dagliga uppdatering med de senaste berättelserna

Genom att registrera dig kommer du att få e-post om CoinDesk-produkter och du godkänner våra villkor och sekretesspolicy.

SFC implementerade regleringsriktlinjer under 2019 som försökte behandla digitala tillgångsföretag som handlar minst en säkerhetstoken under samma regler som värdepappersförmedling, men att registrera sig med tillsynsmyndigheten var frivilligt.

„Enligt den nuvarande lagstiftningsramen, om en plattformsoperatör verkligen är fast besluten att fungera helt utanför lagstiftningsradaren, kan den göra det helt enkelt genom att säkerställa att dess handlade kryptotillgångar inte ligger inom den juridiska definitionen av en säkerhet“, säger Ashley Alder, VD för SFC i ett tal också på tisdag, rapporterar Reuters.

Det är nu inställt på att förändras i linje med riktlinjer från Financial Action Task Force (FATF), sade Chiu, med alla plattformar för handel med kryptovalutor som föreslås att ansöka om en SFC-licens enligt stadens lagstiftning mot penningtvätt.

Som medlem i FATF är Hong Kong „under en skyldighet“ att anpassa sig till AML-standarderna för leverantörer av virtuella tillgångstjänster, tillade hon.

Om allvarliga överträdelser begås på plattformarna, till exempel marknadsmanipulation, „kommer det att ingripas och begränsas i deras verksamhet“, enligt Chiu.

Kryptoplattformar kommer initialt endast att vara tillåtna för professionella investerare under den föreslagna regimen och kommer att behöva bibehålla höga nivåer av investerarskydd och säkerhet, sa hon.

Förslaget kommer inte att ändra det befintliga scenariot för plattformar som nu fungerar under säkerhetstokenregimen.